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About Maui

There’s No Place Like Maui!

Maui is on of the most beautiful islands in the world. And there’s no better way to see the Island of Maui than by using our “Unsurpassed Limousine Services”.  Beautiful beaches, world-class resorts, majestic Haleakala and more, Maui has it all. The wonders of Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, are many. The historic town of Lahaina once claimed the title as the major whaling center of the Pacific.

Today, people come for history, whale museums, fishing, art and just to relax and soak in the sun. People also come to West and South Maui for the fabulous resorts, shopping and the palm tree-fringed beaches of Kaanapali, Wailea and Kihei.

From the summit of Haleakala, with its behemoth crater, to the trappings of Napili and Kapalua; from the charming towns of Upcountry to the beautiful curves of the road to Hana, the Magic Isle offers residents and visitors alike so much to explore, experience and discover.

★ South Maui is famous for the nearly four mile stretch of continuous sand from Maalaea to Kihei, the luxury resorts of Wailea and Makena, and Maui’s last lava flow: La Perouse Bay.

★ West Maui is perhaps the best known section of the island, famous for Kaanapali Beach, luxury resorts, golf courses, and historical Lahaina, the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

★ Northeast Maui is a secluded wonderland that is lightly traveled, most likely because the state maintained road ends near Kahakuloa.

★ Central Maui is the industrial hub of the island, home to the airport, harbor, and government offices. Central Maui, which includes everything from Wailuku to Haiku has many natural wonders, like Iao Valley, Kanaha Pond and Hookipa windsurfing beach.

★ Upcountry Maui is a mix of Makawao Rodeos, majestic forests, farms, ranches, Maui’s only winery, hiking trails, and one of the biggest attractions on Maui: Haleakala National Park, home of Haleakala Crater, the world’s largest dormant volcano.

★ East Maui is best known for the road to Hana. This twisty stretch of pavement winds through over 50 miles of scenic jungle, sea cliffs, waterfalls, and streams. The entire drive is dotted with breathtaking views and historic sites, like Wainapanapa black sand beach, Oheo Pools and Charles Lindbergh’s burial place.

★ And the weather… what can we say. Click HERE for more weather information

About Lanai

If your looking for the unspoiled Hawaii of days long past, the island of Lanai should be your #1 destination! With only 17 miles of paved roads, beautiful Lanai is one of the best kept secrets of the Hawaiian Islands and the least visited. Here you have the best of both worlds – an undeveloped Hawaiian Island and a couple of world class hotels. Lanai is also rated among the top ten diving locations in the world. From the peak of Lanaihale, Lanai’s highest point at 3,370 feet, you not only have a panoramic view of the whole island, but also Maui, Oahu, Molokai, Kahoolawe and the Big Island!

Lanai is 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. It is eight miles to the west of Maui Island and nine miles south of Molokai Island. Less than 3,000 Hawaiians live here. In fact, Axis deer, a prized game animal introduced before the turn of the century, now outnumbers Lanai’s inhabitants! There are also Mouflon sheep, and a plethora of game birds–pheasant, quail, chukar partridge and wild turkey. James Dole bought Lanai in 1922 and turned it into the world’s largest pineapple plantation (this tiny island once supplied 75% of the world’s pineapples!). Castle & Cooke Inc are now the corporate successors and less than 100 acres of the island are still used for growing the fruit.

Some of the not-to-be-missed excursions on Lanai are Shipwreck Beach (a great place to comb for treasures with a backdrop of a reefed ship), Kaunolu Bay (an ancient fishing village where you can look for petroglyphs) and Hulopoe Bay (the best snorkeling spot in the Hawaiian chain and pictured above). Once the summer home of King Kamehameha, Lanai is a truly unique experience, so much so, that Bill Gates choose this island for his wedding and honeymoon!

About Moloka’i

Welcome to Molokai, The Most Hawaiian Island. Often called “The Friendly Island” because the aloha spirit flourishes here.

  • If you’re looking for the real Hawai’i, this is it. If you’re looking for old Hawai’i, this is it.
  • If you’re looking for breathtaking natural beauty, rain forests or deserted beaches, this is it.
  • If you’re looking for glitz and glamour, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

This is an island lost in time. An island where no building is taller than a palm tree. Where aloha is not just a word, it’s a way of life. Where the longest white sand beach in Hawai’i will probably have only your foot prints on it. An island where there is so little automobile traffic, there’s not a single traffic light.

There’s no mall, no elevators and no neon. No burger wars here. Shopping is done in small, friendly businesses in Kaunakakai, the largest town, and in the villages of Kualapu’u and Maunaloa.

Life on Moloka’i is slow and relaxed. It’s rural and peaceful. It’s like stepping back in time 50 years. It’s a place like no other.

About Kaho’olawe

The island of Kaho’olawe, located seven miles off Maui’s south coast, is uninhabited. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the U.S. government confiscated the island from ranchers to use as a bombing practice site. The U.S. Navy and Air Force bombarded the island until 1990, and in 1993 the U.S. government allocated funds to clean up the island’s military waste. In 1994 the island was turned over to the state of Hawai’i, which has established legislation prohibiting all commercial activities on the island, except fishing. There is no infrastructure or landing strip on Kaho’olawe; authorized visitors arrive via small boats.

Kaho’olawe has been established as a center for traditional Hawaiian cultural, spiritual and subsistence activities, and work is being done to restore it. It is the smallest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, at 45 square miles. Its highest point, Puýu Moaulanui, rises to 1,483 feet.

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